Baoxin Lin is from China and studying Electronic Engineering at IT Tallaght. In this blog, he tells us four reasons why ITT is a great choice for study abroad…

Each year in China, many junior students are considering their study abroad options. Students weigh up the pros and cons and once they have made the choice often wonder whether their decision is right or wrong right up until they arrive at their destination. I know because I was one of these students and now, from my personal experience, I can say Ireland and IT Tallaght is a great place to study abroad and a choice I don’t regret.


Each year fro the past three years, IT Tallaght would send one or two lecturers to visit my university in China. During my communication with those lecturers, I found that they are seasoned and enthusiastic. When they gave lectures in China, it was obvious that they possessed a good theory background and they performed excellently with regard to answering questions. Also, in a laboratory setting, they showed their skilful lab operation and helped many students to solve problems.


From the first day I arrived in Ireland, I was impressed. The sky here is so blue that it looks a sapphire. I was surrounded by this country’s colour: green. There are lots of trees here and smooth lawn, which is full of vigour, infinite in charm. When I walked alone the main street, I really enjoyed this peace and quiet atmosphere.


During the introduction week, I visited the ITT main building. Inside the quality and standard of the lab equipment delighted me. For example, the electronic engineering laboratory allows each students have their own work station. In the front of operation desk, from top to button, there are oscilloscope, Multimeter, voltage-stabilized source and so on. Also, ITT have very advanced semiconductor technology cleaning room. The equipment in network laboratory are expensive and advanced. Generally speaking, the base facilities in ITT are beyond what I could have ever imagined.


Many students may be concerned about ITT’s location. ITT located in South Dublin and outside of the campus, there is a bus station, which can take you to city centre. Also, there is a large shopping mall called The Square where you can buy lots of living goods. It is very near to IT Tallaght and only takes 10 mins by foot.

These four points are just some of the advantages to choosing ITT. If you are junior students in China and if you want a better further study, IT Tallaght is a great choice. If you have any more questions, add a comment below!

Watch the video to find out more about ITT:

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