Interested in learning more about gender equality and sexuality studies? Risako Hayakawa is our Japanese and Dublin City University Ambassador and is currently undertaking her MA in these topics. Find out more about this unique course…

What are Sexuality Studies?

Have you ever heard “Sexuality Studies” before? How about “Gender Studies”? Someone might feel uneasy or uncomfortable with these terms. Yes, we have avoided talking about or discussing our “Sexuality” in public for a long time and a lot of problems related to sexuality or gender were hidden in the background. However, recently, this trend is changing all over the world. Ireland is the best example as a country in which the dramatic change happened. In 2015, marriage equality which gave the same opportunities for same-sex couples has been approved by national referendum. Sexuality Studies explores a wide range of issues involving sexuality or gender such as gender equality to sex and sexuality in popular culture.

Studying Sexuality Studies in Dublin City University

The MA in Sexuality Studies (MASS) is one of the most unique courses at DCU and is jointly established by two different schools; the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, and the School of Nursing. The students of this course each have a different background, so you can choose modules depend on your interests. For example, I took “Monsters and Monstrous; Contemporary Literature and Culture” as an optional module in Semester 1 because I am interested in studying gender issues from cultural perspective, but there are also other options related to social studies or political issues. Almost half of the student have a bachelor degree in different area, therefore the course provides you a basic lecture about Gender and Sexuality studies in Semester 1 and, in Semester 2, you can attend applied lectures.

Studying Sexuality in Ireland

Learning about the sexuality issues which actually happens around you broadens your knowledge and gives you a wide view. Even I started my course this year, I have already found a lot of differences in between Ireland and my country Japan. As I said above, Ireland is dramatically changing in regard to gender and sexuality issues in decades, you can feel and experience of the transition with your skin. Choosing to study abroad at DCU is also great opportunity for prospective students who have interested in gender and sexuality studies to spend time in Dublin, the capital of Ireland!

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