Chinmay Kadam, our Dublin City University Ambassador shares some information on how the DCU Student Union works, how you can get involved and why it’s such an important part of student life…

Joining the SU is only the first step

The primary role of the Union is to provide a recognised representative channel between students and the University authorities. Entering the University as a student automatically makes you a member of Student Union. The clear advantage of joining a student society is the impact it will have on a student’s social life. You will meet people who share an interest with you, and you will widen your social linkage beyond your course and the people you live with.

What are the benefits of joining a society at DCU?

There are three main categories of student society – best known are the sports societies, which often involve inter-university competitions. Secondly, subject-based societies, which enable you to extend your academic knowledge more informally, through guest speakers, field trips and extra-curricular projects. Thirdly, the societies which are hobby-based. (E.g. scuba diving, DJ, surf ‘n sail)

Becoming a society committee member

All societies look up to events for their success which include meetings, matches, competitions, trips and fundraising events. Consequently, the organiser or the officer of the society will garner a load of experience and expertise in event planning and organisation. From market research to fundraising to budgeting to promotion and actually delivering on the day, there are all kinds of skills which could be used in a job and which any employer would value.

What’s a non-committee member?

Even if you aren’t an active member of a student society, you will demonstrate a number of qualities simply by becoming a member. Firstly, you will be a team player who is able to show commitment to fellow members of the society. Secondly, by succeeding in your academic work alongside your participation in a society, you will demonstrate time management skills and come across as a well-rounded individual.

Why should I get involved?

While some courses are of one year or less, adaption to the new environment is vital. In addition, the skills, qualities and knowledge you can get within societies and clubs helps you successfully adapt to life as a graduate as health and safety, finance, marketing and aspects of the law enhance our knowledge. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to take responsibility for money, equipment and people add to our resume` and are invaluable from an employment point of view.

With each of the clubs and socs being different, all student societies give you a great chance to enhance your employability, and like they say – it’s never too late to join!

In short, the DCU Students’ Union (DCUSU) is the representative body for Dublin City University (DCU) students, all of whom are automatically members with democratically elected leadership. DCUSU, which is governed by a written constitution approved by the members and DCU’s Governing Body, is also involved in the provision of many services to students. At the Hub (Student union building) in DCU, there are 3 organisations working together to make sure you make the most of your time at DCU both in the lecture halls, and outside them. The SU’s doors are always open to students in need of anything from support, advice, clubs, societies, to events. The opportunities are endless! So, what are you waiting for?!

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