Discover three of the many reasons to love Limerick in our University of Limerick three part special by international Student Ambassadors Marina Röhrich (Germay), Lindsay Nygren (USA) and Bárbara Campos (Chile). In this the final part, Journalism student Bárbara shares her favourite things about studying at UL…

Bárbara’s favorite places

part3-blog-inset-barbaraStables at UL

If you come to Limerick and someone invites you to the “Stables”, don’t think about horses, riding, or anything related. The Stables is the place where all the craic of the University of Limerick happens. Restaurant during the day, a bar during the afternoon and the “Stables Club” after dark – this spot is the main social point for the students of UL since it was established back in 1987. It’s here that I have met the best friends of my Erasmus in Limerick and here that I have fun with them every Friday at the themed international parties!

A small but unique charming city

Every day when I ride my bicycle to go to the campus of UL I really enjoy the company of cows, horses and ponies on the side of the road. This is one the things I like the most of my life in Limerick. The unique mixture of modern highways and just next to them some animals grazing is peaceful and lovely. Also the horse-drawn carriages that you can find on the road give Limerick a special and indescribable charm.

Fishing or kayaking in the River Shannon

The longest river in Ireland, the Shannon passes through the middle of the UL campus. For this reason, it is totally normal and possible to walk beside the river and enjoy the landscape during your break between classes. Some students also go after class to the river and spend hours talking and relaxing while they fish. The UL Kayak Club also enjoys the amazing localisation of the campus, practicing in both the olympic-size pool in the sports centre and on the banks of the River Shannon.

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