Discover three of the many reasons to love Limerick in our University of Limerick three part special by international Student Ambassadors Marina Röhrich (Germay), Lindsay Nygren (USA) and Bárbara Campos (Chile). Here in part two, International Entrepreneurship Management postgrad student Lindsey shares her favourite spaces…

Lindsay’s favorite spaces

The rainy weather days

One of my favourite things about being in Ireland is the weather. Most people look at me like I’m crazy for liking this cold, wet and rainy weather but when I say I’m from the desert they understand. I’m from Arizona and used to hot summers! I love the overcast weather here; it’s cozy and I can enjoy it with a nice cup of tea and maybe a little something sweet while reading or writing a paper.

Close proximity to destinations in Ireland

Renting a car or taking the bus offers a link to a variety of destinations throughout Ireland, from going along the coast in Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher to small towns like Dingle or Caherdaniel. It’s so much fun to just decide to get away for a day or weekend trip and see another area. Everything is under 4 hours from Limerick and each destination offers something special – whether it’s textiles, a distillery, castles, food or the amazing scenery. Just take the time and pick a random town to visit. I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how much there is to do in Ireland!

Castle ruins hidden throughout the UL campus

If you take a path along the river or through the forest you may find one of the many castle/fortress ruins. It’s so interesting to see these old structures still standing and being incorporated into the campus. Being from a country that is relatively young compared to Europe I have never experienced seeing these kinds of ruins just in everyday settings. Whenever I come across them I always get a feeling of awe. To me it’s amazing to think that where I’m living and studying has so much history behind it. Just getting outside to explore reveals so many hidden treasures in my own backyard of UL!

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