Student Ambassador Amrutha sets sail to Cobh in Cork to visit the RMS Titanic exhibition! Cobh is a beautiful town outside of Cork City. Colourful houses, foodie spots and historical sites, it has it all! Amrutha takes us through her Cobh experience. Intrigued? Keep reading!


If you ever visit Ireland and are even a tiny bit intrigued by history, you must visit Cobh.

Previously known as Queenstown, Cobh is a small port town located just a short train ride away from Cork. This town has just enough for you to explore and be back home by the end of the day. What draws many visitors to this place is that it was the last stop for the RMS Titanic, before it set out on the final leg of its journey, that ended with the sinking of the ship.  

Titanic ticket (photo: Amrutha)

St. Colman’s Cathedral (photo: Amrutha)

My friends and I started out to Kent station in the morning, from where we took a train to Cobh. Two stops later, I stood amidst the salty breeze, looking at a gorgeous, quaint town with colourful houses. I was most looking forward to the Titanic Museum, where you are taken on a guided tour (special student rates apply!), and are given the ticket of, hold on to your horses, an actual passenger who travelled on the magnificent ship.

The tour is beautiful, and begins with the history of the ship, a tour of the rooms in the ship, and ends with a heartfelt account of the survivors. The whole experience is surreal, and you’ll feel like you’re being pulled back in time, travelling on the majestic liner. At the end of the tour, you get to find out if the passenger whose ticket you were assigned, survived the collision. Sounds a bit eerie, doesn’t it? It gives you chills. A five-star experience all in all.  

Cobh is also home to St. Colman’s cathedral, located on top of a hill. The minute I walked through the doors, I felt a sense of serenity. We were lucky and got to witness bits of a wedding taking place there! You can dine in one of the many restaurants in the town centre and visit the Sirius Art Centre for a post-lunch visual treat.  

After lunch, we walked along the seaside, took pictures and goofy videos, and ended our day with waffles and idle chats by the sea, after which, we returned to Cork, with our hearts full, and smiles on our faces. 

Amrutha is doing a Masters in Food Science at University College Cork.