Yohan Irani from India knows what a busy schedule looks like… In his most recent blog, he shares how he spends his day! Time management, organisation and self-care are just a few of the components that make up Yohan’s daily routine.

Life can be exceptionally busy during the semester. Usually, studying takes up most of my day. However, I know that the importance of prioritising self-care cannot be undermined, so, to keep myself mentally and physically healthy, I like to schedule breaks where I plan different activities. It is critical to find the time to slow down, chill out and find small ways to relax. 

Wake-up call (photo: samritk)

In the mornings, I prefer to wake up as early as possible. This gives me time to work out or prepare my meals for the day before I start any college-related work— organisation is everything! I also like to wake up early as it allows me a few minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning before my hectic day begins.  

If it is a day where I am scheduled for online lectures at home, a quick shower before I begin never fails to energize me. When classes are done, I take a break to grab a bite and continue studying.  During the evenings, I am committed to an absolutely must-do workout as it offers me a much-needed mental break and snaps me out of lethargy by rejuvenating my diminishing energy levels. Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind— the ideal stress buster! 


After a thorough review of the day’s lectures, on some evenings, I enjoy spending time with friends. After all, relationships are an essential aspect of our emotional wellbeing, so meeting up with friends remains high on my agenda in my self-care plan.  

My temporary campus (photo: pixabay)

On days where I attend classes on campus, I wake up even earlier. I usually travel by bus or a shared taxi with my friends to campus which is approximately twenty minutes away. RCSI’s campus for second-year students, at Croke Park, was introduced to ensure the greatest safety and compliance to public health guidelines regarding social distancing and reduced class sizes. Another modification is seen in the various rooms in which small groups of students are carefully distanced so that they can attend in-person lectures safely. In this manner, the college has safeguarded the health of students and faculty, while pursuing its critical mission to educate.

After lectures end, at around four or five in the evening, I return home. By this time, I find myself ready for a meal before I continue to review lectures and study. On occasions where I have a little more time on my hands, I look forward to taking long walks around the city. As an avid photographer, taking pictures of sights and scenes around the city is another activity that I enjoy. My friends and I often meet in parks and gardens— one of the few activities that remain unrestricted during a lockdown —where we share laughs and stories of our day as we picnic together with take-out from a local restaurant.  

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has posed many restrictions on regular student life this year. However, it has also served as an unprecedented opportunity to learn the ability to adapt, tackle challenges and develop resilience. Additionally, it has reinforced the critical need for empathy, compassion and cultural humility in the world. 

Yohan is studying Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.