What kind of shopping is the best kind of shopping? Clothes? Groceries? Homeware? Student Ambassador Zhixin tells us about some of the best shopping experiences in Ireland!

I know that some people are concerned about shopping when they move to a new place! I took a lot of things from home with me to Ireland, and then I realised that there was no need to bring all of them with me! I didn’t know what I would find here, but I found almost everything easily!

Plenty to choose from (photo: Zhixin)

I want to first talk about coats! During winter, the temperature is around 5 degrees celsius, but the wind is strong and it’s almost always raining! You can easily buy a warm and cosy coat here, and there is no need to bring too heavy a jacket with you because it is not cold enough, you could feel too hot when the weather changes and it takes up a lot of room! In Ireland there are so many clothing stores, but there is also online shopping which is very convenient.

But for me, I love vintage stores the most. The vintage stores in Ireland always surprise me, they have not only big brand vintage dresses, but also delicate handmade accessories. Also, I like to go to charity shops, like a treasure box and everything is very cheap. Take your time and you will find so many interesting things! And the money you spend in charity shops go directly to helping a good cause! I believe this is a really good way to save the earth and help others. 

Vintage shopping (photo: Zhixin)

There are so many other great shops here.  There are many stores selling both groceries and other essentials, such as Dunnes, Marks and Spencer, Lidl and Tesco. You can get almost everything you need in one store easily, and don’t forget to look at your receipt, because some of them may give you a voucher for your next shopping trip. 

Overall, just consider what you are going to bring with you before you come to Ireland. When you come to Ireland, pick a leisure time to walk around and I believe you can find some interesting stores nearby! 

Zhixin in studying Commerce at the Shannon College of Hotel Management.