Are you passionate about food and hospitality? What to forge a career in the world of cuisine? Lee Zheng Hao tells us why a BSc (Honours) in Culinary Entrepreneurship at TU Dublin City Campus (formerly DIT) might be the perfect study abroad course for you…

You’re the kid who’s always looking for food, you dig around the fridge, you go to the local farmers market instead of the mall, you watch Jamie Oliver cooking on TV instead of the latest episode of Friends, Ratatouille is your all time favourite film and you pretend to be a wine connoisseur even though you know nothing about wine. The course I’m currently studying might be a good choice for you! Why? Let me explain.

Holding a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Pastry, I am no stranger to the world of food and beverages, having worked in a few restaurants, I’ve found out Diplomas just not gonna cut it. After a prolonged searching of courses to study for my third level studies, I came across Dublin Institute of Technology, which offers a variety of food related courses, including the course which I choose, Culinary Entrepreneurship. ‘What is that?’ is the most common reply I got when I told someone the name of the course which I am studying. According to the college website, the BSc (Honours) in Culinary Entrepreneurship provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to operate your own culinary business reflecting the development and professional practice of food and beverage industries world-wide. The programme builds on the strong links between food, wine, culinary practice and business, equipping students with the skills to become managers in the food and beverage industry as well as business owners in their own right. To put it simply, it’s ‘Food Business’, a combination of food related modules and business related modules. From cooking and baking to wine tasting and from Nutrition to Law and Management, the modules covered are very wide and interesting.

The highlights of the course are undoubtedly the two modules of placements. One being national and the other international(you can still choose to stay in Ireland). I choose Hong Kong as the destination for my international placement, and oh boy was it exciting, a great and precious opportunity for someone to explore another country while still studying.

Whether your dreams is to become a business man, a restaurant owner, a sommelier or simply a chef, this program would be a very good choice!